The Models Guild Chapters of Louisiana... a network of regional chapters throughout the state of Louisiana that serve the needs of working models and the professionals who hire them. As a not-for-profit trade association, no fees or dues are assessed or collected. Independent and agency-signed models are equally welcome. Qualified professionals provide guild leadership with time and resources donated to the betterment of Louisiana's industry performance and reputation. A variety of protective services are available to the aspiring and working model. We also serve a function to protect artists, teachers, and producers by providing reliable models of reputable character. 

No conflict of interest policy

This organization has no affiliation with a particular talent agency or management service. Only those talent services who operate according to industry ethics standards are allowed to participate in Models Guild functions andactivities. Industry professionals who provide services of value for reasonable fees may be endorsed by a regional guild chapter or the parent state network if proven qualified, safe, and compliant with applicable legal and ethical standards. 


Originally inspired to provide models with a professional work ethic for art classes and practice sessions, the New Orleans Models Guild (NOMG) is the first established in Louisiana. The Lafayette-based Acadiana Models Guild (AMG) was established in 2007 with the same philosophy and purpose.

Expanded Scope

Some models prefer to only work part-time within the fine arts community in a limited capacity. Among the models no less committed to this service are those who wish to expand and develop more substantial modeling careers. Guild services have expanded in scope to help models of all genres without neglecting the original purpose.

Protective Services

Many aspiring models have fallen prey to a variety of predators and deceptive business practices. Even more experienced models have fallen prey to complicated confidence scams. The professionals who comprise guild leadership regretfully recognize the scope of unethical operations targeting model hopefuls has become significantly larger than the ethical industries who provide honest jobs for models. The leadership of each guild chapter volunteers time to teach models how to verify the integrity of cast calls and offers. Access to the ethical standards for related business practices is made readily available. Assistance to translate or understand the standards and how the honest businesses operate is also provided on demand. Assistance with contracts signed through coercion or deception may also be provided through guild leadership with the help of concerned authorities and attorneys donating Pro Bono.

Market Stimulation

Through contributions and supportive business activities, many within guild leadership are engaged in activities to expand paying options for local models. Depending on the specific agenda, many guild meetings will also be open to the industry professionals who hire, partner with, serve, or teamwork with models. Each guild chapter may also organize or support local projects that provide public education, promote public support, stimulate classroom enrollment, and help sell the work of our esteemedartists!

NOTICE: We are currently seeking the assistance of qualified leaders in regions of the state not yet served locally.

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