This team of experienced leaders donate valuable time to help working models and nurture aspiring models with honest industry expertise. The professional services of each team member may also be available through business practices that are compliant with industry ethics standards.

Cully Firmin

Cully professionally modeled a wide variety of genres in many countries. His extensive portfolio is a virtual adventure to browse. His supporting perspectives include a professional photography practice and production services that included casting exceptional talent for major media productions. [Photo by Bonnie Stanley]

Angela Rene' Roberts

Angela is dedicated full-time to modeling and art. Her makeup skills and fine art body-painting won manyprestigious national and international awards. Her modeling experience spans classroom figure studies to high-fashion runway. Her portfolio is an impressive testimony to this comprehensive experience.[Painting by Pat Soper]

NOMG Leadership

Alice has over 7 years of experience modeling for renowned teachers in figure drawing, painting, and sculpture. Modeling for photography and live events has broadened her scope of expertise. The accolades of many New Orleans artists and their mentors highly recommended Alice for help with guild leadership needs. [Drawing by Carol Peebles]

CenLA & North LA Leadership

More information about new appointmentsin other regions of Louisiana will be available here soon. 

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